Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy 'Link' Music Video

Tierra Whack Climbs Aboard A Lego Spaceship In Dreamy 'Link' Music Video

Tierra Whack has all of the building blocks she needs in the dreamy, intergalactic music video for her latest single “Link," out Tuesday (April 6).

Released as piece of Lego’s “Rebuild the World” campaign, which aims to inspire everyone to visualize the world through through children's eyes," the video’s storyline was created by Whack along with an audience of children right after they spent the day playing with each other with the vibrant bricks. The rapper admitted she initially had “no previous vision” for the visuals prior to meeting the kids. “I was so excited. I knew the kids would give me good content,” she said in a video about the experience. “I feel so good today. I'd like to work with kids every day.”

The music video was directed by Cat Solen, who previously worked with Whack on the corresponding clip for 2019 single “Unemployed,” and features the 25-year-old musician and visual artist living on a desert planet with adorable alien companions who all share their Legos. With each other, they build a colorful spaceship, which somehow resembles both kangaroo and also a chameleon, and Whack heads for outer space. When she leaves her companions in back of, although, she rapidly makes the choice to reverse course and return home.

moreover to the music video, Lego also shared a heartwarming behind-the-scenes video that features the kids’ reaction to the music video. It's all quite wholesome: There's looks of sheer delight and surprise, and, most importantly, they were all very excited to visualize their artsy vision realized.

Speaking later in the same video about her own artsy vision — Whack's past visuals have ranged from hybrid stuffed animals and graveyard puppets in "Whack World" to sentient potatoes in "Unemployed— Whack shared that each music video is another chance for her to change the “perspective” of the story she's telling.

“When I finally get to prepare a visual for my songs, it’s just another shot to think of a perspective of how I may describe the same thing,” she mentioned. “That’s my whole thing just telling my truth. Whether I’m sad, whether I’m happy, whichever emotion I’m feeling — this is coming from me. This is my authentic self.”

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