Nick Lachey Details 2022 Total Relief Live Fundraiser And Looks Back On His MTV Past

Nick Lachey Details 2022 Total Relief Live Fundraiser And Looks Back On His MTV Past

The return of live music in 2021 was a cause for celebration, and in the early summer months, artists reported plans for and started embarking on massive tours that felt both like homecomings and long-awaited returns to form for fans across the globe. Nevertheless the pernicious effects of Covid-19 continue to pose a threat to the live-music industry, causing a lot of those tours to be either amended, shortened, or re-canceled altogether.

This furthers the strain on the industry, which started in 2020 because the pandemic set in and has only worsened with time. A lot of people behind just the artists rely on those shows for their livelihoods, particularly road crews and venue personnel. To help ease this strain, Nick Lachey, who has been back touring this summer with his categorize 98 Degrees, had an idea.

"Food and security in this country's routinely been an offer, and never more so than now, coming out of this pandemic," the singer recently mentioned on MTV's Fresh Out Live. "So I thought, what better way to rally and attempt to do something about that than to prepare this fundraiser."

What he came up with — alongside MTV, Live Country, Larry Rudolph, and Johnny Wright — is a live concert event called Total Relief Live, set to benefit Feeding America and Crew Country, a fund set up to allocate assistance for live-music crews. Its very name plays on the legacy of Total Request Live, a.K.A. TRL, MTV's flagship countdown show on which his sort appeared.

The show promises to harken back to that TRL era, which ran in its beginning form from 1998 up until 2008, by bringing with each other some of the largest artists of that time. It's set to go down on Saturday, January 8, 2022 at The Forum in Los Angeles.

To celebrate that era, Lachey recalled one of his fondest TRL memories, which involved him and fellow 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons co-hosting the show on a day where the booked visitors were Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, and Christina Aguilera. "We were thrown into the fire, attempting to interview these three iconic artists, and I think we pretty much blew the full thing," he mentioned. Nevertheless still, I look back on that like, wow, that was a really cool moment."

More info on Total Relief Live is to come. Stay tuned.

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