Nav, Gunna, And Travis Scott Compete To Out-Brag Each Other On 'Turks'

Nav, Gunna, And Travis Scott Compete To Out-Brag Each Other On 'Turks'

Nav's a prosperous dinosaur, crunching fake diamonds and inexpensive expenditures underneath his clawed feet in "Turks." Flanking him on both sides are Travis Scott and Gunna who are similarly as famished for blue hundreds. They roar flexes about lifestyles of luxury that are meant to inspire. Or they could just be wagging their tongues at us, bragging. Either way, "Turks" sounds like a victory march.

The sun shines high in Nav's world. Any time while he isn't roaring on top of a cliff, he's living a good life. $20,000? What's that, lunch cash? Where's the latest provide of Vogue because Nav swipes right out of that, not some free smartphone app. If the word "cool" had a picture as its definition, it could be of Nav, brandishing his bedazzled pinky rings and hiding his face beyond enormous shades.

Gunna, the tranquil flexosaurus, gently boasts about his own endless pockets. He jumps out of Rolls Royce Wraiths like it's nothing and for his girlfriend's birthday, he brought her a birthday cake...And a Hermès Birkin bag. He throws in at the end that he's working on wrapping his bank account's hands around a billion dollars so be on the lookout for the ultimate brag from him in the future.

Scott rounds things out by doing his best to outdo the boasting efforts of his peers. Nav has $20,000 to purchase several burgers? That's laughable. Scott's pulling up to the scene with two jets packed to the brim with females. He's out on the islands, decked up in his Cactus Jack record label's merch. Life can't get any better.

Based on these three accounts of rich living, we have to hand it to Nav for the championship belt. He sounds the most relaxed with his casual bragging and it also makes us wish to emulate this lifestyle so much more. Being able to spend $20,000 on cheeseburgers and Ring Pops if we wanted to sounds like an awesome feeling.

Check out "Turks" up above and determine for yourself which of the three rappers has the perfect variety of brags.

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