Mac Miller's Circles Gets Blessed With Two Dreamy New Bonus Cuts

Mac Miller's Circles Gets Blessed With Two Dreamy New Bonus Cuts

The deluxe edition of Mac Miller's posthumous Circles album is out today (March 20) and yes it arrives with two new songs, "Right" and "Floating," that come with calming visualizers. They continue Circles's exploration of healing and acceptance.

"Right" is the opening of the two and on it, Miller runs into someone who used to be in his life and he wants to let her know that he'll routinely be there. The relaxing number burns with a passion and longing that define true love that never fizzles out. "Times get harder, things get strange/ All I know, I don't want you gone," he sings. In the accompanying video, a static image of Mac stands in a tropical background while it moves around him. Time may pass, however the way that he feels will stay the same.

"Floating" comes next and it's slower, more majestic, and divine in nature. On it, Miller sings about elevating to a higher place, somewhere where gravity can't reach him. Where this is brings him a peace that he's been looking all over for. Cherubic voices softly chant in the background while Miller explains his hope to share this feeling with someone. "I'll come and visualize in the event you don't mind/ Any time While I can finally get away," he carols. Its video follows a dove flying through an endless sea of clouds towards the sun. Peace has never looked so beautiful.

Circles originally dropped in January as a companion album to 2018's Swimming. Miller was working on Circles when he died in 2018 also it was finished thanks to the work of producer Jon Brion. "We are left to imagine where Malcolm was going and to appreciate where he was," a note posted to Miller's social media accounts before Circles's release reads. "We hope you take the time to listen. The look on his face whenever each person was listening mentioned it all."

Check out the videos for both "Right" and "Floating" and stream the deluxe version of Circles here.

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