Jack Black Needs 'A Blast Of Oxygen' While Accepting The Comedic Genius Award

Jack Black Needs 'A Blast Of Oxygen' While Accepting The Comedic Genius Award

Maybe you know him best from School of Rock or the Jumanji films or Nacho Libre or Orange County, or maybe or because the voice of a martial artist who is also a panda. Maybe anytime you visualize him without a guitar in his hands, you think he looks incomplete — because he's also a rock god. Whichever your preferred role of Jack Black's is, one thing is clear: The man is a comedic genius. This fact was recognized, underscored, and shouted at tonight's MTV Movie & TV Awards, where Black procured the Comedic Genius Award.

Because he is Jack Black, he walked onstage in a huge (kung-fu) panda mask and immediately barrel-rolled his way to the mic, soaking up every last bit of audience glory. The whole moment was soundtracked by some totally correct walk-out music: Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock." By the time he actually started his speech, he required a fast breath of fresh air. "I require a little bit blast of oxygen!" He said.

"Comedic Genius, are you kidding?" He mentioned faux-incredulously. "For what?" Then Black proceeded to list several of his films, the very ones that have made him a legend, as his Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass threw up some devil horns while watching in the audience. "I don't deserve this however I plan to take it. Thank you MTV! This is for all of the School of Rockers out there and for all of the Tenacious D-sciples."

Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV
He thanked his partner Tanya Haden and their "two incredible males before peacing out, presumably to go hit an oxygen tank just offstage (as he requested).

This electric Black appearance was preceded by a warm and proper introduction from Awkwafina, who called him "a guy that makes us laugh 'til we cry" and emphasized his rock-god bona fides, his status as both gamer plus a "facial-hair aficionado," and, perhaps most sweetly, "one of the nicest guys on the planet." Right after seeing him enter amid flame and loud guitars to an electrified audience, you'd be inclined to believe it.

Black's speech also followed a highlight reel of the comic's entire career — including my personalized pick for best-ever Black quote ("Do you want me to get naked and begin the revolution?"). The montage was one that would've fit right indoor a Jack Black-starring car, full of chaotic, manic, and exceptionally charming and seemingly never-ending energy.

certainly, nothing was more energetic and bursting with life than seeing the man himself onstage shouting out the folks who helped get him there.

The 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards are airing live from the Barker Hangar in L.A. Now on MTV, with the Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED to follow. Find all of the winners here.

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