Drake's New EP, Not Certified Lover Boy, Will Be Here Tonight

Drake's New EP, Not Certified Lover Boy, Will Be Here Tonight

The good news: Drake's got a new release lined up for tonight at midnight (March 5). The bad news: It's not Certified Lover Boy, the rapper's long-delayed sixth studio album he first announced could be dropping in the summer of 2020. The LP is still on ice (for right now, nevertheless in the meantime, he's giving us another installment of Scary Hours, likely similar to the EP of the same name he released in 2018.

On Instagram, Drake teased the artwork, including two blue diamonds in the center, possibly suggesting the latest Scary Hours release may be a two-pack, because the 2018 installment was.

If this all feels like déjà vu, that's because it sort of is. In January 2018, Drake dropped the opening Scary Hours EP, featuring "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity" — right as he laid down a long rollout for what would just be as his fifth album, Scorpion. Right now, 2021's Scary Hours is essentially here as we keep waiting (and waiting) for Certified Lover Boy, likely to come at some point later this year.

The rapper's sixth studio album was originally scheduled for a mid-2020 release, then it got pushed back to January 2021. All we know for now is that it'll feature last year's Lil Durk collab, "Laugh Right now Cry Later," though if the promotional teaser video is to be considered, the album may resemble the culmination of over a decade in the industry and various different eras. Or it might just be another Drake album.

We'll find out once we find out. In the meantime, ensure your phone is charged: Scary Hours is out at midnight.

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