DJ D-Nice And Michelle Obama Are Throwing A Virtual Voting Party

DJ D-Nice And Michelle Obama Are Throwing A Virtual Voting Party

If you've been paying attention to the hottest Instagram Live parties on this side of the global pandemic that's forcing several to stay house, you'll know that DJ D-Nice, the rapper and beatboxer who was a member of the legendary 1980s rap order Boogie Down Productions, is the man in back of the 1s and 2s. If you've been looking for the next time that he's going to spin his magic, he's made an exhilarating announcement. Tonight (March 25) at 6:30 p.M. ET, he'll be joining Michelle Obama and her nonprofit organization, When We All Vote, for a virtual celebration called the #CouchParty on Instagram Live.

As D-Nice jockeys his discs, the aim of the event will be to help eligible voters register by way of volunteers texting them. "As the country's reality keeps it up and continues to change in the wake of the coronavirus's ongoing impact on individuals and communities, Any time We All Vote is devoted to exploring innovative and safe ways to reach voters where they are — at house a released statement from the business reads.

Here's how it works. So using the website Outvote, which is a celluar organizing platform that reaches out to unregistered voters, more than 3,000 people have volunteered to text throughout this #CouchParty event. By using "laptops, iPads, or smartphones," the volunteers will make it a mission to contact 50,000 people about voting by 9 p.M. ET. That's a lot of texts.

To take volunteers's minds off of their task and to entertain the huge crowd of people that will show up virtually, DJ D-Nice will be offering the musical mix of sounds from 6:30 to 9. No word as to what he'll play nevertheless, nevertheless we know that it'll be music to ironically get you up off the couch whilst at the #CouchParty.

Just last Saturday (March 21), DJ D-Nice spun a nine-hour set that brought fans and celebrities with each other to celebrate music and drop several coronavirus prevention hints. Rihanna, Diddy, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, and more popped up in the comments to show their support. It wasn't just some of pop culture's brightest in there. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg (and current Instagram owner) even popped in to be able to see how things were going.

The event was so huge that it single-handly made him one of the most sought soon after DJs while in this period. The New Yorker reports that he gained more than 600,000 followers by 10 p.M. That night.

Even going back farther than that means D-Nice's commitment to bringing people with each other with music throughout this global pandemic. He launched the "Club Quarantine" live stream DJ set series last Wednesday (March 18) and had around two hundred listeners. Ever since then, he built up his audience, brick by brick, with a sturdy foundation of hits from yesterday and today.

ensure to watch DJ D-Nice's new set once it airs later at tonight's #CouchParty and prepare to shake some tailfeathers with voters.

Fun fact: DJ D-Nice was former president Barack Obama's DJ at his White Residence farewell party.

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